TurnOn Library

Welkom op mijn TurnON Library pagina. Mijn TurnOn Library is een collectie van lezingen, podcasts en andere online talks die ik over de afgelopen jaren heb gedaan. De TurnOn Library is in het Engels, vandaar dat deze pagina in het Engels is! Bij vragen, stuur me een bericht op info@turnonnl.com. 

Veel kijk en luister plezier ;).


Get access to all my recorded live talks, events and podcasts.

Over the last years I have collected several talks, lectures, podcasts and other documents where I talk with experts about sex, relationships and intimacy. The aim is to educate and share my knowledge.

I never made these recordings available until now, so here is your chance to sign up and have the opportunity to watch and listen whenever you feel like it.

Currently in the library I have over 15 recordings available varying in topics like:

  • What is Orgasmic Meditation
  • An insight in the polyamorous lifestyle
  • How to explore your kinky and BDSM feelings
  • Busting myths about libido
  • Different ways to create intimacy with your partner
  • How to talk with you partner about your intimate and sexual desires
  • Navigating and handling arguments from noticing the trigger to apologising powerfully

And many more.

The lectures vary from 30 to 60 minutes long. It contains lots of exercises, tips and insights in how to navigate intimacy and relationships. There is an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on your personal questions.

This is a growing and changing library where I regularly will be adding new content that you will automatically receive. 

Your investment to get access to the recordings and future content is €49,-.