Orgasmic Meditation, Pleasure + Climax with Marga Berlinski


Marga Berlinski was searching for a way to feel connected to her own pleasure, vulnerability and desire. After a chance meeting with a woman from the OneTaste community Marga went on an exploration to stretch beyond the edges of her own comfort to discover pleasure on her terms.

The Orgasm Myth Podcast


Nicole Daedone is a longtime proponent and teacher of a practice called orgasmic meditation, which has been called the yoga of sex. She’s also the author of Slow Sex, and she unpacks the complexities surrounding orgasm like no one we know. In today’s conversation, she tells us why climax is just like sugar or a drop in the ocean and how to get to the real thing we’re looking for. We talk about allowing feeling to take precedence over how things appear. And we see how she’s redesigning sexuality and sexual practices that have previously been defined by men but really serve no one today.

How orgasmic meditation is changing male attitudes to sex


Orgasmic meditation is a slightly out there, slightly taboo, and very feminine-focussed practice which is growing in popularity in Britain. Here's why some men can't get enough of OM.

Orgasmic Meditation Is a Thing—Here's What You Need to Know

Ultimately, Daedone hopes to see a shift in our approach to sexuality similar to the one we've seen in our approach to food over the past few years. "We have this basic idea that more and faster is better," she said, but we're beginning to appreciate that "slow and connected" can be even more powerful.

I Went To An Orgasmic Meditation Workshop & Here's What I Learned

I haven't looked at sex the same way since, and I would highly recommend orgasmic meditation to anyone who wants to explore orgasm and redefine pleasure for themselves. Even if you don't adopt the practice regularly, it will probably end up changing the way you think about receiving pleasure and remind you just how complicated and powerful your clitoris is. At least, that's what it did for me.

Learning Orgasmic Meditation

Thomas sits down with an Orgasmic Meditation instructor to begin his path to enlightenment and climax.

Orgasmic Meditation Might Be the Answer to Your Sex Rut


If you've been hearing a lot about orgasmic meditation lately, you're not alone: In recent years, the technique has gone from something of a taboo to a pretty commonly used (and talked about) form of alternative meditation. But what is it, and what (if anything) can it do for you?

Orgasmic Meditation Finally Made Sex Fun for Me

Because of my regular OM practice, I don't put as much pressure on myself to climax as I used to. I have this dream that one day I can get off my anti-anxiety medication and maybe that will release the Kraken. But if not, that's okay too. My sex life might not have a traditional "happy ending," but it does have an unconventional one.