At a community event I heard Marga talking about being free and at ease in the intimacy between men and women. This caught my attention and later in conversation with her, I realized that it would be possible also for me. Marga gracefully undertook to be my coach and within a few sessions she coached me in overcoming some concerns that I had with intimacy. Very quickly I gained confidence and now delight in being intimate with women.

Thank you Marga!

~ Massimo 






Working with Marga I could feel how much of a stand she is for this work. She brings a lot of clarity and enthousiasm to deliver the enourmous worth of this practice. I experienced her clarity, enthusiasm and down to earth feeling as valuable, pleasent and light. Using the safe structures of this work she can coach you beyond your shame. Giving you acces to a personal experience of being vulnerable, powerfull and present in your body.  

~ Silvia