If you have questions and would like to get a personal advise feel free to contact me. We can plan a complimentary exploratory conversation. This is a call where you get clear on what you want, how that looks like and what gets in the way to get there. At the end of the conversation you are clear what your next step is in the area that is important to you.

Marga creates spaces where you can let go of limiting beliefs. She is working at a much needed revolution for women, where pleasure is seen as ignition instead of embarrassment. Her style is gentle and extremely respectful. Her questions are simple but sharp and transformational.
- Lara



At a community event I heard Marga talking about being free and at ease in the intimacy between men and women. This caught my attention and later in conversation with her, I realized that it would be possible also for me. Marga gracefully undertook to be my coach and within a few sessions she coached me in overcoming some concerns that I had with intimacy. Very quickly I gained confidence and now delight in being intimate with women.Thank you Marga!

- Massimo



I know Marga as somebody who is very open and spontaneous, but also soft and vulnerable. She makes people feel at home. It is a pleasure to listen to her. In the training she helps me to get more into contact with myself; my desires and what is really important to me. It helps me to create my life the way that I want it and have more fulfilling relationships. I recommend Marga as a coach in the field of intimacy, sexuality and self-esteem.

- An



Marga creates a welcome environment for women to be open and at ease in sharing. There is something so profound in seeing just how human we all are and sharing similar experiences. Having this space and being inspired is so special for those who participate in her webinars. Marga’s energy is contagious and she is a joy to work with!
- Diane


Working with Marga I could feel how much of a stand she is for this work. She brings a lot of clarity and enthousiasm to deliver the enourmous worth of this practice. I experienced her clarity, enthusiasm and down to earth feeling as valuable, pleasent and light. Using the safe structures of this work she can coach you beyond your shame. Giving you acces to a personal experience of being vulnerable, powerfull and present in your body. 
- Silvia



Marga it is wonderful to experience how you support the sisterhood through the online webinar. I really felt so up energy after connecting with all different sisters from around the world. To connect in that warm feminine energy. I am grateful for this deeper connection.

- Ine 



To hear other women's experience of how they have been touched or would like to be touched had me realise what's already available and could be. It's an area I've  not explored in dialogue so I found it refreshing, inspiring and cathartic.  I was left with 'I'm not alone' and 'I'm normal' normal as in there's nothing 'wrong' with me. Also that it's ok to have desire. To say what you want and that actually may be welcomed.
- Paula


Marga has an inviting and uplifting presence that makes exploring topics like intimacy and sex feel very safe, fun and enjoyable! Her passion is contagious and she's a very engaging speaker and teacher. I highly recommend Marga's events and coaching for anyone curious about having a deeper connection to their body, sensuality and pleasure!
- Sarah