About us

we are a group of people passionate about Orgasmic Meditation. It has touched each of us so deeply that we desire to share with as many others as possible. That's why we organize events and training days. 


If you like to know more, don't hesitate to contact us.

Meet the trainers

Marga Berlinski


I work with women (and man) ,who desire more connection, intimacy and a satisfying sex life. This touches area's of self-esteem, body image and feeling confident to speak up and get your needs met exactly how you like it to. 


Having healed in these area's myself I coach you from a place of experience, recognition and compassion. I'll bring clearity, playfulness and approval to every conversation. You can explore, discover and break through patterns that have been stopping you. And you will get connected to your purpose and desire. 


I have been a trainer and coach in the area of improvisation theatre and personal development since 2010. I use my training in a variety of modalities combined with the OneTaste philosophy and the practices of OM. After experiencing the power of this practice I'm committed to make it availlable in the Netherlands. In May 2016 I certified as the first OneTaste life coach from the Netherlands.  




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