the relationship challenge

the Relationship Challenge: staying connected

This is a light, fun and playful challenge. For 21 days you will get an email every day with a short exercise and explanation. The challenge is focused on the intimate relationships in your life. This can be friends, a lover, or other people that are precious to you. Perfect for anyone in any type of relationship weather it’s romantic or platonic ;). The relationship challenge is free!

Every week has its own theme: Noticing – Practicing – Creating

Week 1

Noticing is the practice of getting present to what is right in front of you or what is happening right now at this moment. Only when we can see what is happening without adding any story to it, we can start altering our own reality.

Week 2

To bring a new level of intimacy and connection you have to bring in new habits and behaviours. You are replacing old customs with new ones. In this week you will get different practices to play with.

Week 3

With all the new insight you have gotten from week 1 and 2, we start looking at the following question. ‘What’s next’? What is it that I would like to create in my relationships? The challenge will take you step by step in creating a clear picture for yourself and your relationships.

Why participate?

After this challenge you will be more free to express yourself. You have deepened your relationships. You played with fun and new ways to connect with people.

What if you can be intimately connected to everyone in your life? Free to be yourself. What will that make possible for you and your loved ones? Let’s have some fun and find out.

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